Doc Martin Take 1
Early April saw the Innis Lakes close for a day to facilitate the film crew and stars from the hit tv program Doc Martin. The idea was to film a scene for an up and coming episode later in the year. Unfortunately for everyone involved the scheduled day arrived, with rain, rain, rain, in the end the whole film shoot was cancelled. The day before we saw sunshine and the day after...yes we saw sunshine, I think thats known as sods law!

Doc Martin film crew
Doc Martin Take 2
Not detered the program planners booked the lake again for a day in May. This time the Cornish weather was a little kinder with what was to be a beautiful day. You sensed and saw a marked difference in the happy level on everyones faces as they busily went about there tasks. Below is almost the same shot and the contrast is there for everyone to see.
Doc Martin film set

Clapper board Doc Martin VII

Doc Martin clapper board
Actors and film crew in full swing enjoying the beautiful location of the Innis Lakes along with the weather supplied by mother nature.
Doc Martin filming in action

Three in a boat.

Doc Martin actors
Doc Martin Director tuition In between filming the executive producer Mike Crowdy and Tom Sykes (lighting) managed to take a break and under the watchful eye of Dave Johns. were both given an insight into the art and joy of fly fishing.
Doc Martin Director

Mike Crowdy

Enjoying his first rainbow trout prior to release back into the lake. Looked in the region of 21/2lb not bad for your first fish!

Below is the finished clip from the program which is a light hearted comedy series...enjoy


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