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How much will it cost to fish at Innis?
All prices for the various tickets that are available can be found on our prices page.
What type of equipment would i need?
Innis is a Fly Fishing only venue. You will need a Fly Rod, a Fly Reel, A Flyline, some Tippet and Flies. You will also need a landing net. Other items could be handy like snips, forceps etc and a wet bag for your fish.
Do I need a licence to fish?
Yes you will require a valid goverment rod licence. To obtain a valid licence go to our Links page and look for the Gov licence link.
Are there any toilets?
Currently there is a Portaloo which is situated near the car park. We are at the moment constructing a purpose Anglers Lodge which will have full toilet facilitys.
Is there good access and parking?
We have plenty of car parking spaces close to the lakes which has good access to all the lakes.

On a busy day can i still expect to fish?
All three lakes have plenty of room to accommodate a good number of anglers with plenty of room to rotate around the lakes.
Do i need to be of a certain standard to participate in the Innis competitions?
Most of the competitions held at Innis are freindly events so providing you enter you will find plenty of tips and advice from fellow anglers to help you on your way.
What type of tuition is available?
You will always find good helpful advice on tactics flies and methods to use on the day by our staff members. If you require tuition from our qualified expert Dave Truran then all the information is available on the Tuition page.
Can I eat the trout that I catch?
Yes you can eat the Trout that you catch. We reccommend that you store your caught fish in a cool box so that the fish remains as fresh as possible. There are many ways to prepare your fish whether you bake, BBQ, fry or smoke.