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The Innis Spring Cup sponsored by SNOWBEE is an annual event which is always well attended by anglers from all areas of britain. This event takes over the whole fishery when both Carbis & Sterrick Lakes come into play for the attending anglers. Normal 8.30 meet and greet competitors with the obligatory rules, format etc are read out to competitors. With peg allocation sorted fishing commences with a rotation of pegs and a 5 fish per peg max until lunch which is a good old CORNISH PASTY. The afternoon follows the morning session until 4pm approx. Competitors then after handing in their score cards proceed to the designated venue for the presentation and meal. This is where the sponsors SNOWBEE hand out the quality array of SNOWBEE product to the winners and the prize money to the top three places.


Snowbee Spring Cup SNOWBEE have sponsored The Spring Cup for several years now and are a company that Innis gratefully associates its self with. Snowbees full range of quality products for everything you would need for fly fishing can be found here at their website


Snowbee award If you have any questions about the Snowbee Innis Spring Cup please contact us.