Innis Staff

When you visit Innis you will probably meet at least one of the staff listed below.


Fishery Owner Dave oversees all aspects of the running of Innis from stocking the lakes to all year round fishery maintenance. He is an international fly fisherman in his own right, he represented England in both bank and loch style disciplines. He is always willing to share his knowledge of the lakes and current methods.
DAVE JOHNS - Fishery Owner


Administrator Dave's better half who is a veterinary nurse working at Churchend Vets in St Austell but still finds time to deal with the day to day administration of the Fishery and keeping the finances in order.
THERESA HOOPER - Administrator

image Peter Runnalls - Head Bailiff Peter has been working at Innis for nearly 20 years. Peter is an acomplished angler of different disciplines and has won many competitions including the England pairs final fished at Farmoor. Peter is Dave's right hand man in helping keep the fishery maintained and well stocked. He is always available to answer questions on current methods and flies.

image Stuart Parkin - Water Bailiff On a Wednesday you will meet Stuart. He has been Dave's friend and work mate since he was 16 years of age. Stuart has fished with Dave for many years and is also a very accomplished fly fisherman and competition angler.
STUART PARKIN - Water Bailiff

You may be approached on your visit by Jed every now and then gathering information on your visit and the odd photo taken. Jed enjoys his fly fishing at Innis where he is slowly learning the art of catching the Innis trout.
JED - Website Administrator