TROUTMASTERS at INNIStroutmasters venue

Troutmasters Qualifying Heat:

TroutMasters is the largest trout fishing competition of its type in Europe, involving the ordinary, non-match angler (aged 14 and over for senior competition or 13 and under for juniors).
Anyone catching a large trout at the Innis TroutMasters Water will be asked if they would like to register for the competition.
At the end of every month, the three entrants who have caught the top three fish at each water will receive a TroutMasters cloth badge.
At the end of the year, all badge holders will be eligible to enter a fish-off at their qualifying water to determine who will represent each water in the final.

Event Format:

Fly anglers can visit any trout fishery within the UK who has joined Trout Fisherman magazine's TROUTMASTERS scheme. There are 100s of waters across the UK who are currently taking part in the scheme, and to see the whole list, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

You will be charged the normal day-ticket cost to fish (rates vary at different fisheries). Once a fish has been caught, fill in the TROUTMASTERS form which should be located in the fishery and then either the fishery or the angler should send the form to the TROUTMASTERS office (freepost - no stamp is required). All details must be filled in on the form, and signed.

Once received at the TROUTMASTERS office, the entry is then added to a database and at the end of each month the top three catches from each fishery is calculated and badges are sent out to the captors of the winning fish. Their details will then be recorded in the next available issue of Trout Fisherman. Look out on the web each month for dates.

All badge winners will be invited to a fish-off from the fishery they won their badge at. This happens from February – April each year. The winners from each fishery then go on to the final.

TROUTMASTERS INFORMATION latest Click on logo to visit their facebook site .

Fish of the Month:

Every month one entry will be selected from all of the Troutmasters waters throughought the UK as the best fish of the month and will be awarded a prize. The competition will be judged on the following criteria, in order of importance: weight, condition of the fish (if photographic evidence is supplied) and strength of the tackle used. A grown-on reservoir fish may carry more merit than a recently introduced stockie.If you have any questions about this Troutmasters Heat and qualification please contact us.